Thank you for visiting my site.  My name is Robertsen Ashman and I am a west coast based photographer living in Seattle, Washington.  As a child my first photography gig was changing film backs on a Hasselblad 501cm for my father who photographed weddings.  A bit risky holding a 10 year old responsible for not accidentally overexposing those wedding memories.  Luckily I never did.  After a lifetime of being obsessed with photography my current obsession has moved beyond the studio and highly crafted location portraits to the streets and the ordinary everyday.  I shoot with Leica and Cannon cameras.  I light with Profoto and the sun.  My wife, my boy Beckett and my Yamaha Bolt motorcycle bring me joy.  

Modern Humans:

This series exists as an extremely relevant period of my photographic career.  Portraiture of subjects who create music, art, dance, fashion and sculptures. By eliminating the business parts of the equation I was able to create with my subjects, portraits that capture them as truly unique creators.  

Classic Humans: 

Humans doing what we do best; creating, staying in motion, interacting and existing as we always have. The images in this collection are part of an on-going series of the humans that my roads cross. Captured exclusively on Leica cameras. 

Current Spaces:

In the absence of faces to photograph, empty spaces with their geometric lines and colorful expanses continue to capture my attention. 


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Phone: 206.856.4989